Our friends at PlayStation have unveiled the latest episode in their six-part content series Players Unlocked. Hosted by gamer and comedian Tony Cantwell, this week’s guest is none other than award winning film and gaming composer, Eimear Noone.

The Galway native became the first female conductor in Oscar history at the ceremony in February 2020 and throughout her 15-year career has conducted many orchestras including Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Her gaming credits include such titles as Overwatch, Diablo III and World of Warcraft to name but a few.

In this episode of Players Unlocked, Eimear talks about the impact video game music has had on players around the world.

“It always fascinated me how music and the twist of a chord change… can just ignite a picture.. it can make you physically feel goosebumps”.

Players Unlocked see’s Tony Cantwell speak to some of Ireland’s biggest gamers, each from very different backgrounds. Throughout the series guests discuss what role gaming, and PlayStation, has played in their life.

The series has already featured guests such as lifelong gamer, perpetual mammy-botherer and TV star Baz Ashmawy, streamer Úna-Minh Kavanagh and Marvel comics illustrator and TV Presenter, Will Sliney. You can watch the first four episodes now on PlayStation Ireland’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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