Continuing the Soul Calibur VI announcements today Seong Mi-Na has joined the roster of the critically acclaimed beat ’em up.

Seong Mi-Na is a woman, but first of all, she remains a warrior. When her father decided to search for a marriage suitor for her, she decided to run away. In her flight, she took the most precious treasure of the Seong family, the Scarlet Thunder a weapon passed down through countless generations.

As one would expect of the only daughter of the Seong family master, Seong Mi-Na trained fiercely in the art of the longsword and acquired great strength and agility. Despite the weight of her weapon, she wields it with disconcerting ease and grace.

In my eyes, Seong Mi-Naa is a Korean Mulan. She wished to prove herself to her father and her family and tried to show it in the military. It didn’t work out so instead, she set off to search for the fabled weapon this franchise is centred around. She’s one of the old guard and it’s great to see her return.

As the release date draws ever closer it will be interesting to see who else will appear to finish off this amazing roster. I’m still crossing my fingers for Cervantes. Anyone else?

Soul Calibur VI will launch 19th October 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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