Coming out potentially at the end of next year is SERUM, an ambitious and fascinating survival-fest game. A green liquid, an eerie world and lots of time pressure characterize the fascinating and promising concept of this upcoming title. Fans of the genre can check out the reveal trailer below to see a brief taste of the action.

“We are delighted to have found a partner in Game Island, who is investing so much heart and soul and creativity in the project, and we are looking forward to the next development steps with great anticipation,” explains Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions. “SERUM with its special features fits perfectly into our portfolio and will serve a new, expanded target group alongside Dynasty Games and the Giant Series.”

“We are glad that we’ve found a well-established and trustworthy partner in Toplitz Productions. With their publishing experience, SERUM will have a chance to reach a worldwide audience. There has been an excellent understanding between our companies right from our first talk about the game”, says Michal Ojrzynski – CEO Game Island.

The release of SERUM is scheduled for the end of 2023. Until then, Toplitz Productions and Game Island will introduce players step-by-step to the warped world where the green liquid is the most precious commodity and the race against time ensures survival.

It’s a fascinating concept. The design particularly of the serum itself is brilliant. Plus watching the player go up against the forces trying to kill them is exhilarating. Hopefully, this new title lives up to the intriguing concept that is being put forward. With the promise of a combination of The Forest and Bioshock, there is a promise being made. With Bioshock, you’re looking for intense and intriguing storytelling with engaging combat. Then with The Forest, you hope the survival aspect is as enthralling.

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