Andromeda Entertainment has announced SoundSelf: A Technodelic, the first videogame to produce transcendent states of consciousness guided by your own voice. Launching on April 22nd for Mac, PC and Oculus Rift, SoundSelf: A Technodelic is a hypnotic world of sound and visuals that seem to emerge directly from your body, as you descend deep into a trance-like state.

Your own voice will be your guide as you explore the hypnotic world of light and sound within SoundSelf. Music rises and harmonises with you, leading you through swirling vortexes of light and colour. The elegant symmetry of image, sound and body takes advantage of loopholes in perception to bring you a new experience of yourself and your world.

The SoundSelf experience is one of wonder, vastness, and timelessness. To play, all you need is a gaming computer, headphones, and a microphone. Lower the lights or don your VR headset, and take a step into the infinite world within.

SoundSelf will be available on Mac, PC, Steam and Oculus Rift for £24.95.

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