Star Citizen Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) started on the 19th of November, and it’s bringing some fun things with it. The event is running until December 1st, and for the duration, Star Citizen will be free to play.

Also included during this Star Citizen event:

  • Test fly over 120 ships
  • Manufacturer Anvil Aerospace will open this year’s IAE 2951, with the unveiling of its new Spartan vehicle. IAE attendees can also look forward to a brand-new ship from manufacturer Argo Astronautics on Nov. 25, and a big surprise from Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC) on Nov. 27.
  • An array of existing and new ships to see and test-fly throughout.
  • Starting on Nov. 28, reveals for the exclusive ship skins and in-game leather jackets, awarded to the four finalists of Ship Showdown event. In addition, the Ship Showdown winner, the MPUV Cargo will receive a manufacturer-themed in-game backpack.
  • Aegis Redeemer: a heavily armed gunship puts you and your crew in the center of any battle.
  • Two variants of the Ares Star Fighter: Inferno and Ion. While the Ion is armed with a S7 laser cannon and excels at long-range combat, the Ares Star Fighter Inferno comes packed with a S7 ballistic gatling cannon better suited for mid-ranged engagements. Both variants of the gunship excel at dealing damage to large and capital level ships.
  • Coverage and updates from Jax McCleary throughout the show.

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