After the reveal of Commander Ed in the last character reveal Capcom have now unveiled Abigail, the biggest lad in all of Metro City, is the next character to join Street Fighter V as part of the Season 2 Character Pass. Previously appearing in the classic Capcom beat ‘em up series Final Fight, Abigail now makes his way to Street Fighter on the 25th July and brings with him a fearsome set of bulked biceps and a passion for all things car fashioned.

Every day is arms day for Abigail, and when he’s not busy cracking skulls, he’s either driving a car or pretending to be one. Utilise the potency of Abigail’s considerable belly with the ‘Hungabee’ V-Skill, charge up your heavy punch through the ‘Max Power’ V-Trigger, or drive your opponent over the finish line with Abigail’s Critical Art.

It’s an interesting move to bring in a crossover character from another game and the fighting style of Abigail is also a fascinating one. To me, he seems like a faster version of Zanghief and his counter attacks are brilliant.

Go full throttle in the arena as Abigail, when he joins Street Fighter V on the 25th July along with his Metro Bay Area stage, and Story and Premium Battle costumes.

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