Got game? let’s find out in the unusual and oddly fascinating Super Seducer. Featuring 520 unique choices, and multiple endings to all of the game’s ten levels, players can test out their seduction skills like never before.

Richard La Ruina, the game’s creator and owner of dating advice company PUA Training, said “ When a guy successfully completes the game, his real-life seduction skills will put him in the top 1% of men. I have put the knowledge from eleven years of working as a dating coach to make sure the game is highly educational as well as fun”.

The game features ten familiar real-world scenarios from treading the fine-line of seducing a co-worker, to trying to turn a friend into a girlfriend, to being a good “wingman” for your hapless buddy.

La Ruina continued “You have full freedom, you can be obnoxious, or charming, funny, or serious. Karma is instant in the game, so expect everything from slaps to kisses depending on which route you take”.

“I hope that the game is well received, but also that I receive many messages from men who go from single and lonely to living the love life they want and finding their soul mate…all because of what they learn from completing the game”.

It’s an interesting angle with the betterment of men in mind but it’ll be even more interesting to see how this game works out in practice. The trailer seems okay but the fact that the acting is something left to be desired is an issue especially when you have to factor in this needs to be something that can educate men. There’s also the odd fact that there’s no same-sex scenario between two men, this may be due to the lack of knowledge La Ruina has on that aspect of dating. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating idea and it’ll be equally fascinating to see how it is received.

Super Seducer was developed by Fair Play Labs and will be released on Valentine’s Day 2018 on Steam for PC and Mac, PlayStation 4, with other platforms TBC, The Kickstarter campaign is live now if you’re interested in seeing where this experiment goes.

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