Evercade is a brand new handheld console with unique, officially licensed multi-game cartridges.

They have already secured major licenses confirming a total of 85 games including Namco Museum (with 22 games including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian, Weapon Lord and Splatterhouse 2 and 3), Interplay (with 13 games including Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, Clayfighter and Battle Chess), Data East (with 10 games including Burger Time, Karate Champ and Bad Dudes) and Atari (40 games including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Ninja Golf (7800) and Alien Brigade (7800).

They have promised over 100 titles for launch and more to come. On top of this, they’ve also announced support for ‘new’ retro-inspired games and has confirmed they are already in discussions with several indie publishers to bring their retro-inspired titles to the platform.

Here’s a further list of Evercade games:

1Adventure (2600)Atari Collection 1
2Air Sea Battle (2600)Atari Collection 2
3Alien Brigade (7800)Atari Collection 1
4Aquaventure (2600)Atari Collection 1
5Asteroids (2600)Atari Collection 1
6Asteroids (7800)Atari Collection 2
7Bad DudesData East Collection
8Basketbrawl (7800)Atari Collection 2
9Battle CarsNamco Collection 1
10BattleChessInterplay Collection 1
11BoogermanInterplay Collection 1
12Bowling (2600)Atari Collection 2
13Burger TimeData East Collection
14Burnin’ Rubber (Bump & Jump)Data East Collection
15Burning ForceNamco Collection 2
16Canyon Bomber (2600)Atari Collection 1
17Centipede (2600)Atari Collection 1
18Centipede (7800)Atari Collection 2
19ClayfighterInterplay Collection 1
20Clayfighter 2Interplay Collection 2
21ClaymatesInterplay Collection 2
22Crystal Castles (2600)Atari Collection 1
23Dark Chambers (2600)Atari Collection 2
24Demons to Diamonds (2600)Atari Collection 2
25Desert Falcon (2600)Atari Collection 1
26Desert Falcon (7800)Atari Collection 2
27Dig DugNamco Collection 1
28Dig Dug 2Namco Collection 2
29Double Dunk (2600)Atari Collection 1
30Dragon SpiritNamco Collection 2
31Earthworm JimInterplay Collection 1
32Earthworm Jim 2Interplay Collection 2
33Fighter’s HistoryData East Collection
34Food Fight (7800)Atari Collection 1
35GalagaNamco Collection 2
36GalaxianNamco Collection 1
37Gravitar (2600)Atari Collection 1
38Haunted House (2600)Atari Collection 2
39Human Canonball (2600)Atari Collection 2
40IncantationInterplay Collection 1
41Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropicsData East Collection
42Karate ChampData East Collection
43Libble RabbleNamco Collection 1
44Magical Drop 2Data East Collection
45MappyNamco Collection 1
46Mappy KidsNamco Collection 1
47Metal MarinesNamco Collection 1
48Midnight ResistanceData East Collection
49Millipede (2600)Atari Collection 2
50Missile Command (2600)Atari Collection 1
51Motor Psycho (7800)Atari Collection 1
52Night Driver (2600)Atari Collection 1
53Ninja Golf (7800)Atari Collection 1
54Pac ManNamco Collection 1
55Pac-AttackNamco Collection 2
56PheliosNamco Collection 2
57Planet Smashers (7800)Atari Collection 2
58Prehistoric ManInterplay Collection 2
59Quad ChallengeNamco Collection 1
60Radar Lock (2600)Atari Collection 2
61Realsports Tennis (2600)Atari Collection 2
62Side PocketData East Collection
63Solaris (2600)Atari Collection 2
64Splatterhouse 2Namco Collection 2
65Splatterhouse 3Namco Collection 2
66Sprintmaster (2600)Atari Collection 2
67Star LusterNamco Collection 1
68Steeplechase (2600)Atari Collection 1
69Street Racer (2600)Atari Collection 2
70Submarine Commander (2600)Atari Collection 2
71Super CastlesInterplay Collection 2
72Swordquest Earthworld (2600)Atari Collection 1
73Tempest (2600)Atari Collection 1
74The Adventures of Rad GravityInterplay Collection 2
75The BrainiesInterplay Collection 2
76TitanInterplay Collection 1
77Tower of DruagaNamco Collection 2
78Two Crude DudesData East Collection
79Video Pinball (2600)Atari Collection 1
80Warp ManNamco Collection 2
81Weapon LordNamco Collection 2
82Wizard (2600)Atari Collection 2
83XeviousNamco Collection 1
84Yars Return (2600)Atari Collection 1
85Yars’ Revenge (2600)Atari Collection 2

Or view by cartridge below:

Atari Collection 1

Adventure (2600)Atari Collection 1
Alien Brigade (7800)Atari Collection 1
Aquaventure (2600)Atari Collection 1
Asteroids (2600)Atari Collection 1
Canyon Bomber (2600)Atari Collection 1
Centipede (2600)Atari Collection 1
Crystal Castles (2600)Atari Collection 1
Desert Falcon (2600)Atari Collection 1
Double Dunk (2600)Atari Collection 1
Food Fight (7800)Atari Collection 1
Gravitar (2600)Atari Collection 1
Missile Command (2600)Atari Collection 1
Motor Psycho (7800)Atari Collection 1
Night Driver (2600)Atari Collection 1
Ninja Golf (7800)Atari Collection 1
Steeplechase (2600)Atari Collection 1
Swordquest Earthworld (2600)Atari Collection 1
Tempest (2600)Atari Collection 1
Video Pinball (2600)Atari Collection 1
Yars Return (2600)Atari Collection 1

Atari Collection 2

Air Sea Battle (2600)Atari Collection 2
Asteroids (7800)Atari Collection 2
Basketbrawl (7800)Atari Collection 2
Bowling (2600)Atari Collection 2
Centipede (7800)Atari Collection 2
Dark Chambers (2600)Atari Collection 2
Demons to Diamonds (2600)Atari Collection 2
Desert Falcon (7800)Atari Collection 2
Haunted House (2600)Atari Collection 2
Human Canonball (2600)Atari Collection 2
Millipede (2600)Atari Collection 2
Planet Smashers (7800)Atari Collection 2
Radar Lock (2600)Atari Collection 2
Realsports Tennis (2600)Atari Collection 2
Solaris (2600)Atari Collection 2
Sprintmaster (2600)Atari Collection 2
Street Racer (2600)Atari Collection 2
Submarine Commander (2600)Atari Collection 2
Wizard (2600)Atari Collection 2
Yars’ Revenge (2600)Atari Collection 2

Data East Collection

Bad DudesData East Collection
Burger TimeData East Collection
Burnin’ Rubber (Bump & Jump)Data East Collection
Fighter’s HistoryData East Collection
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropicsData East Collection
Karate ChampData East Collection
Magical Drop 2Data East Collection
Midnight ResistanceData East Collection
Side PocketData East Collection
Two Crude DudesData East Collection

Interplay Collection 1

BattleChessInterplay Collection 1
BoogermanInterplay Collection 1
ClayfighterInterplay Collection 1
Earthworm JimInterplay Collection 1
IncantationInterplay Collection 1
TitanInterplay Collection 1

Interplay Collection 2

Clayfighter 2Interplay Collection 2
ClaymatesInterplay Collection 2
Earthworm Jim 2Interplay Collection 2
Prehistoric ManInterplay Collection 2
Super CastlesInterplay Collection 2
The Adventures of Rad GravityInterplay Collection 2
The BrainiesInterplay Collection 2

Namco Collection 1

Battle CarsNamco Collection 1
Dig DugNamco Collection 1
GalaxianNamco Collection 1
Libble RabbleNamco Collection 1
MappyNamco Collection 1
Mappy KidsNamco Collection 1
Metal MarinesNamco Collection 1
Pac ManNamco Collection 1
Quad ChallengeNamco Collection 1
Star LusterNamco Collection 1
XeviousNamco Collection 1

Namco Collection 2

GalagaNamco Collection 2
Pac-AttackNamco Collection 2
Tower of DruagaNamco Collection 2
PheliosNamco Collection 2
Dragon SpiritNamco Collection 2
Dig Dug 2Namco Collection 2
Burning ForceNamco Collection 2
Weapon LordNamco Collection 2
Warp ManNamco Collection 2
Splatterhouse 2Namco Collection 2
Splatterhouse 3Namco Collection 2

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