If you’re a fan of HITMAN 2, then you may want to check out this interesting bug. The HITMAN 2 bug turns briefcases into the slow spinning homing missiles. Therefore making it the either the worst or the best weapon I’ve ever seen. It may take the best part of an hour, but it will eventually hit its target. Truly a godsend in bugs to get compared to the bugs we are used to in Fallout 76 or other games as such. Now that the bug is in the game be sure to take it for a spin yourself.

D-ClassPersonnel shared this amazing two minute video of Reddit showing off this bug in all its glory. I couldn’t help but be glued to the screen as I watched the briefcase very, very slowly follow its target. It’s like watching a car crash happen in front of your eyes. A poor and helpless jogger, unaware of the danger that follows her. At one point it seems as if the briefcase is about the catch the jogger until she turns the corner and create some space for herself.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear… from HiTMAN

The cruel irony of it all is that she could never outrun a bullet, she definitely could of out ran the brief case had she not stopped. Think you can escape from the weapon of relentless pursuit? No. it passes, through walls, innocent victims, and anything else that may get between you and it. If you have the Executive Pack DLC you should have the basic ICA Executive Briefcase but if you want something with a little more style then be sure to complete the Best Case scenario challenge. I recommend you play around with bug yourself and see what disastrous combos you come up with.

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