A Review in Progress: Subdivision Infinity
A fun entry level game into the space shooter genre.
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Subdivision Infinity is a 3D space combat simulator with a hint of RPG elements. Originally this title was a mobile game for iOS and Android. MistFly games then decided to bring the game to PC and switch. Subdivision runs quite well on PC with a beefy upgrade to the graphics from the mobile version and easier controls to master whether you’re using mouse and keyboard or controller.

Space can be an empty, empty place…

In Subdivision Infinity you play as a pilot sent to reconnect with a space station gone dark but, in the process, get wrapped up in a military force. You join Subdivision Infinity to combat a group of mercenaries who have been searching across multiple star systems for a resource by the name of Element-122. The plot of the game takes you along the journey of finding them and putting a stop to their nefarious plans.

The plot is basic, not much in the way of story or character building beyond the absolutely necessary. I never got confused by objectives or questioned why I was tasked with things as it is usually a straightforward answer with no in-depth reasons. While all the story interactions were quite short this wasn’t a bad thing, I however grew quickly bored with the main characters. Hopefully, you find the main character and interactions less bland than I did.

To the fun part and beyond

If you’re looking for a good entry-level game into the space combat simulator genre then Subdivision Infinity is the game for you. Initially, when I was dropped into my ship, I dreaded seeing all the buttons that I thought would be implemented into the gameplay. I was pleasantly humbled to find out that I was entirely wrong. The game brings easy to learn mechanics and controls within a relatively short time. Maneuvering the ship was easy and fun at the same time. Weaving in and out of asteroids and narrow passes were as natural as it could be with the controls.

Easily my favourite mechanic about Subdivision Infinity was the reticle. In most space shooters you would have to aim the reticle a little bit ahead of your target but in Subdivision, the game accounts for that. I quickly adjusted to this and welcome all other space shooter games to adjust to this. This along with a few other mechanics allows the game to be accessible to players of any skill level.

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Shooty Mc Shooty Face

Most ships allow you to equip 2 weapons plus a missile launcher. You can decide to take on a low damage but high fire rate weapon or a high damage with a low-speed weapon. With plenty of options in between to allow you to find what suits your playstyle best.

When you’re not flying around blasting mercenaries you spend your downtime in a hanger. Here you can purchase ships, weapons, and consumables. You can use your money to buy standard ships, but then there are special ships you can obtain by exploring and looting blueprints. Upgrading your ship is done by upgrade kits that you obtain from campaigns and exploring. Adding a sweet little RPG mechanic which helps to keep the monotony of dark space interesting.

Subdivision Infinity has smooth gameplay and easy to use controls, as a result, it’s a great entry into the space shooter genre.  While the story does lack at times the gameplay, however, is fun and challenging if you select the right difficulty.

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