Easter is here and it’s time to cultivate beloved traditions again – and Fiesta Online is no exception. Gamigo has announced this springtime holiday will be making its way into the mystic MMO.

The first thing players may notice upon logging into the game is the appearance of Magic Easter Trees. That is all around the towns of Isya. Once players witness their beauty, they’ll probably feel inclined to dance around them, which will reward players with a special Easter buff.

Can you stop the destruction of the Golden Egg? If you’re up to the challenge, join a group of fellow players and go on the Kingdom Quest “Protect the Golden Egg” together. Defend this special egg against waves of monsters and use any surprise at your disposal (AKA mines) to deal damage to those monsters trying to destroy the Golden Egg.

With a belly full of Easter eggs, players should feel strong enough to face any challenge.  With that said, it’s time to face a special opponent – Chonk Chongus is waiting for you! Head to one of the Free Battle Zones to face this rabbit-eared hunk equipped with a carrot MG. If you defeat him, he will drop special Festival Eggs.

Easter is also an opportunity to dress in style and get your teammates in the egg-hunting spirit. How about a chic Easter bunny look for your own shield, some bunny ears, or a Choco Rabbit as Pet? Just a few of many new Easterly items players can earn.

The Easter event in Fiesta Online will take place until May 10th

NPC Raul can be found in the cities of Isya, usually close to a blacksmith. When Raul entered Isya, his flock of sheep became corrupted, and he seeks the player to remedy that for him. Helping Raul will not only yield a special sheep-y mount and a couple of enhancement stones but also keeping close to him will grant players a buff that will increase their success rate of enhancing items. This Enhancement Buff event will run until May 10.

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