Team17 and Warpzone Studios have announced the launch of dwarven mining colony sim, Hammerting into Early Access on Steam & Epic Games Store. Set largely in the bowels of the Mountains of Mara, players will have to explore, build, craft, and mine as they develop their dwarven base and send valuable resources, weapons, and supplies to the Overworld in a bid to aid in the fight against evil.

The Mountains of Mara provide resources aplenty, and to keep up with requests from the surface, players must dig deep into the mysterious caverns slumbering below, using their dwarven engineering to work out the fastest (and safest) way down – and hopefully back up again – with their hoard in tow.

In Hammerting, teamwork will be key, however, not all dwarves are created equal; with different ancestries, traits, abilities, and equipment, each dwarf will have their own strengths and weaknesses that will be instrumental in the clan’s overall success.

Key Features of Hammerting

  • Control the destiny of the dwarves: As the colony grows active management of the dwarves, including the friendships they make and their morale, will be key to helping the war effort
  • Design and create the ultimate base: Bore and upgrade a variety of rooms, from forges and sculpting studios to taverns and auxiliary functions and help the colony craft the ultimate base
  • Help with the war effort: Build and upgrade a variety of items through a deep levelling system
  • Discover valuable materials to quarry: Venture into the bowels of the mountainside & face increasingly perilous situations


Paul Longley, Producer, Team17 said:

Hammerting is a really fun title for us to work on, the unique blend of mechanics means there is always something new and exciting for players to uncover. From the early days of the colony as players start with just a few dwarves and the very basic of amenities, to more advanced operations to further the war effort, no two mines will ever be the same. It’s those hundreds and thousands of permutations that makes strategy sims like Hammerting so exciting for players, and it’s what we’ll be continuing to develop, hand-in-hand with Warpzone and the Hammerting community.”

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