Dublin Games Festival

On the 6th October, Dublin Games Festival will present an event that’s never been seen before in Ireland and its free. Rumble in the City is an event catering to fans of UFC and gaming in general. With the McGregor v Khabib fight on later in the morning what better way than to showcase UFC3 not just on a big screen but projected on to the exterior of Dublin Business School from the Central Hotel in 40K Full HD.

Event Details:
Doors open from 7 pm – 10 pm and everyone is welcome.
Location: Central Hotel
This is a winner stays on competition with full broadcasting out to the city of Dublin on the exterior of DBS

Most Consecutive Wins: 2 x VIP Passes to the official viewing party of McGregor v Khabib in the Green Isle Hotel + viewing area with Monster Energy, table service and private screens to watch the fight.

Spot Prizes: 30 x UFC3 Games across PS4 & Xbox1 & Swag

The event will also have Monster Energy fighting gloves & an unofficial belt for guests to take pictures with

Dublin Games Festival

Further Details:

The matches will be played on a 50′ 4K TV within the room which will then be broadcasted on to the exterior of Dublin Business School on Georges Street.

“There has been a tonne of interest in this event and to ensure that we manage everyone’s expectations. We would advise anyone looking to compete to arrive early as we are expecting queues. The room we have holds 20-30 people at any given time and we have it till 10 pm. We should be able to get through a lot of people but as this is a free event to the public we can’t guarantee everyone will so please do come early”. – Graeme Moore (COO)

This is a pretty unique event and fans of video games and UFC should definitely give this a shot. The idea of the matches being projected on the 50′ 4K TV is brilliant all the while being broadcast on the exterior of Dublin Business School is brilliant. Stay tuned to GamEir for more upcoming news about Dublin Games Festival.

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