The European Games Week will be the largest gaming event ever to happen in Ireland. Created by the people behind Dublin Games Summit & Dublin Games Festival among other gaming events and powered by the international award-winning event management company Neon Agency, The European Games Week is poised to set Ireland on a road map that can only be described as epic. EGW will be hosted in the RDS, Simmonscourt over 4 days for up to 20,000 people from 4th – 7th July.

The event is split into two side by side events, The first two days will host the EGW Summit (Futures of Gaming) focusing on the industry side of gaming, bringing together professionals from around the world to network with each other and the following two days (6th & 7th) will host the EGW Festival catering to every fan of gaming out there.

Both events will cater to very different audiences, industry, and consumer, but will host the best of gaming from across the world. This landmark event has already gained traction, with participants and delegates booked from the US, UK, Japan and all across Europe

Financing and funding in Ireland for the video game industry has increased year on year. More and more industries are getting involved in gaming and EGW brings organisations and companies from around the world to showcase the best in technology in the gaming space.

The EGW Summit (Future In Gaming) is a 2-day industry event and one of the world’s premier gaming summits designed to bring gamers from all across the gaming & tech industries together under one roof. Featuring organisations/studios/manufacturers/publishers/Industry legends and more in an industry environment to network, interact, learn and evolve with each other. This year’s industry gathering is created around the current and future progress in gaming, focusing around what you can expect in the industry not just now but for years to come.

The 2-day event will host 4 live stages and 8 live talks per room which will be an amazing 64 topics across the two days and will host up to 80 of the world’s gaming titans. Each room will be dedicated to a particular subject matter such as hot topics such as Diversity & Inclusion in Gaming, Professional eSports, Game Development, Future Scoping Gaming. Along with these 4 rooms, the European Games Week will be hosting a product development room for new and upcoming technology, multiple break out networking sessions, workshops from some of the top gaming professionals in the world and more.

One of the key features of the event is to bring like-minded professionals together to be able to network with each other which otherwise would be difficult to do. The European Games Week app will be live to all participants 4 weeks out from the event which will enable them to connect digitally to discuss potential meetings, new ideas, trends in the industry and more. It will also be available 4 weeks after the event to ensure that those important conversations can continue and maybe those you didn’t get a chance to get too, you can still network with.

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For anybody in the gaming or gaming related space, this event is a must go event.

A sample of the speakers that are attending are detailed below:

Russell Brower (Composer and former Head of Audio – Blizzard)
Chris Crawford (Dev Legend and founder of Game Developer Conference)
Bjorn Jacobsen (Sound Designer & Former Senior Sound Designer CD Projekt Red)
Travis George (Ex Riot and Current Founder Vela Games)
Sam Watts (MakeReal and VR Influencer)
Dr Gary O’Reilly (Gaming for Behavioural Science – UCD)
Sophia Metz (CEO – Meltdown esports)
Jim Bagley (Legendary Programmer)
David Williams (Game Developer & Head of Pulse College)
Ed Perkins (Head of Production – Square-Enix)
Roisin O’Shea (Head of Partnerships – Fnatic)
Dr Miguel Bernal (Localization in Gaming)
Ed Beach (Lead Designer – Firaxis)
Eimear Noone – (Game Composer)
James Brady – (Environmental Programmer)
Jamie McCormick – (Trends in Gaming)
Michael Liebe – (European Head @ Kickstarter)
Warren Fish – (Co-Founder – Gfinity)
Dominique Boutin – (CTO – Digit)
Nikki Lannen – (CEO – Warducks)
Andy Phelan – (Head of Art – Black Shamrock)
Mitsouko Anderson – (Code Red)
Chester King – (CEO – British esports Association)

EGW Festival

The EGW Festival will bring together over 15,000 guests to the RDS between the 6th & 7th July. The festival will celebrate everything gaming from across the world, whether you’re new to gaming or a veteran, the festival will bring all the wonders and fun of gaming to you.

Once again one of the main highlights of the event will be Ireland’s Largest esports event consisting of 4 of the top games in the world being played over the 2 days. Attracting homegrown heroes and players from around the world to compete for substantial cash prizes and becoming the ultimate European Games esports champions.

Along with esports, the European Games Week has a plethora of entertainment from meet and greets with YouTube, mixer and twitch stars such as Ireland’s own RTGame, Europe’s top indie developers showcasing the next best things in independent gaming, showcasing the best in new and upcoming gaming from VR, games, hardware and more.

EGW will also have a large retail presence with tonnes it games, accessories and everything in between available to purchase on the day. Along with this, EGW will host a large expo with some of the top studios, gaming organisations, publishers in the world. One thing that sets EGW apart from the rest is its unique way of setting up attractions, never seen before activities like the 20ft Mario RC Racecourse, Call of Duty Laser Shooting, Donkey Kong Climbing Wall and more will be available for our guests to play throughout the weekend. EGW Is truly a unique and vibrant place for everything whether your young or old if gaming is part of your life then EGW Festival should be your second home.

Tickets are on sale now at and as with previous events should sell out fast so get them quick.


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