Amongst all the announcements and reveals at the Playstation Showcase, we also got another look at Resident Evil Village (RE8). Your favourite horror queen is here to talk you through this new madness! God, I love a good trailer breakdown. Also please keep in mind guys this is my own speculation alongside what we see!

The breakdown

Our opening shot is in first person, from the perspective of a man lying on the ground. Could this be Ethan? Thanks to the announcement earlier this year, we already know he’s our protagonist. Now, the guys in the house. Are they mercenaries? A silhouetted figure is in the doorway, and Ethan (?) shouts “Chris?! What the hell?!” Oh hey there Mr Redfield, with your fancy silhouette! That moment where we are shown the landscape with the big castle in the back, does that make anyone else think about Dracula/Transylvania? Just me? Okay then.

Not gonna lie guys, I can’t actually tell if it’s a skeleton being dragged, or if someone is being forced to wear a skull. Knowing Resident Evil, it really could be either. Bring on the creepy old lady narrator! I can’t help but think she sounds like a less husky version of Martha from Outlast 2. The actual shot of this creepy lady, or what I think is her anyways, kind of looks like a Weeping Angel without the pointy teeth. Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing this. This brings us our first look at an enemy, after some running shots in a creepy house. Now, this is a big guy. He looks to be on the very tall side, and definitely heavy. Dirty, torn clothes, and what looks to be blood on his very sharp fangs. He is also hairy.

After multiple viewings and comparing with the first trailer, I’m pretty sure the enemy we saw last night is the werewolf from the end of trailer one.

Swap to a shot from behind of a woman sitting. Is this Mia? Canonically speaking, Mia is the survivor of Resident Evil 7. The woman is telling a story, of a mother and daughter going into the woods. The bushes are bare, but the determined child runs ahead. Despite her mother’s shouts, the child keeps running, deep into the forest. Queue ever-changing shots of the titular village. Mia once again references the local tale. But what is this village hiding? Our final shot is a man, smoking. “If it’s just looking, window shop away.”

Current thoughts

Who the heck is that man at the end?! I do not recognise him at all, so I can’t tell if he’s a previous character or just a new creep. If anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know! Let’s get a discussion going on this! Now, I said in my last piece covering this game that I am excited. After last night, I am still excited! Even more so now. Some of the shots in this new trailer are very similar to our first look, so not much extra has been revealed. One thing is for sure though, we are definitely about to get a Resident Evil game like no other. Roll on 2021.

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