Dublin Games Festival with Inis Dorcha

There was a veritable buzz about the Indie games at this year’s Dublin Games Festival. What once may have been a section of the arena occupied by lonely weirdos, with greasy hair, and moist handshakes, trying to sell us on their Sims clones, is now the realm of Irish gaming demi-gods. They being, of course, the modern indie dev.

One such demi-god there at Dublin Games Festival 2018 was Dermot Sweeney. Armed with a playable demo of Inis Dorcha – Hidden in Time,https://youtu.be/KGj-Zlhl4ok he was all smiles. The well-mannered westerner was more than happy to take a moment to chat with GamEir or anyone else for that matter. Inis Dorcha drew a steady line of punditry throughout the day, including some very happy, typically loud Americans along the way. You can imagine how impressed they were with the games Irish roots! Check out the American-free interview below!

My own son was delighted with the demo of Inis Dorcha. He immediately took to the exploration of the island but was properly drawn in by the spell system. There’s not much that gets a 5-year-old going, quite like exploding a skeleton with fireballs! I’m looking forward to seeing how Inis Dorcha develops, especially given its connections with Irish mythology. Follow up on Inis Dorcha as it’s being developed at twitch.tv/cgdermot or check out Dermot’s back catalogue at www.cgdermot.org. GamEir.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage and be sure to let us know what you thought of the Dublin Games Festival this year.


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