The MultiVersus Open Beta will begin on July 26th. It will be available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, and PC with full cross-play support and dedicated server-based rollback netcode for robust online competition.

The free-to-play platform fighter in development by Player First Games will also have an Early Access period beginning July 19th, which will be an opportunity to experience the MultiVersus Open Beta before the release. Early Access will be available to anyone who participated in the MultiVersus Closed Alpha, as well as those who earn a code via Twitch Drops.

That’s not all though. A new gameplay trailer has been released. Which includes a first look at the Iron Giant (The Iron Giant). This iconic hero will be playable beginning July 19th. The Iron Giant is one of 16 characters that will be featured.

He joins Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn from DC as well as Shaggy and Velma (Scooby-Doo); Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil a.k.a. Taz (Looney Tunes); Arya Stark (Game of Thrones); Tom & Jerry (Tom and Jerry); Jake the Dog and Finn the Human (Adventure Time); Steven Universe and Garnet (Steven Universe); an extraordinary original creature named Reindog.

Also, be sure and check out our impressions when we played the Closed Alpha. I found myself having an absolute blast. Just so you know Shaggy is quite overpowered.

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