THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Only a month ago, the Mass Effect trilogy was finally confirmed for a remaster. But we have been given the greatest Christmas present ever. I know I said that the other day, I was mistaken. No way in hell was I expecting this. I don’t think anyone was. Sure, we were all hoping Bioware would give us something Mass Effect at The Game Awards. This is your warning. Sloth is about to freak.

The closing trailer at last night’s event was indeed from Bioware. Now, back on N7 Day, Bioware did confirm that a new entry to the series was in the very early stages of production.

The Next Mass Effect is coming

At almost 3am this morning, it happened. The Next Mass Effect was officially teased, with a stunning trailer. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure it was a Mass Effect game at firstA gorgeous galaxy, some radio communications. The music didn’t click at the beginning. Honestly, it didn’t click till I rewatched it once I knew what I had just witnessed. And there are so many audio teasers along the way. And then she appears, walking up a mountainside. She crouches, and picks something out of the snow. Dusts it off. N7. The camera pans up to a very familiar face. Dr Liara T’Soni smiles. I’m totally not crying as I write this.

There is an ending to the original trilogy, widely accepted as canon. Whether that’s true or just our wishful thinking, our canon is that Commander Shepard survives. And now we are getting into my fangirl theories. My heart cannot handle this. I also just started a replay of the first Mass Effect and the most recent thing I’ve done in it is recruit Liara. This is not a drill guys, but this is my theory.

Commander Shepard is alive and well. Not only is Shepard alive, but the crew of the Normandy is also searching for them. And they will find them. I always play FemShep, so my next question is will Jennifer Hale return?

Honestly, my biggest hope is that all the original VAs for surviving characters return. The casting was perfect first time around. Please keep it that way. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to cry with the sloths and play more Mass Effect. My babies are officially coming back.

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