The Last Ronin is being adapted into a video game!

Rumours started circulating online a couple of months ago that an adaptation of the bestselling miniseries will get a “God of War” style game has been confirmed by the release of a trailer. Well, the game itself has been confirmed, but the type of game is still yet to be revealed.

What is The Last Ronin anyway?

It follows the story of our main character, arriving in New York City, on a gory and violent suicide mission to eliminate Oroku Hiroto, the leader of the Foot Clan. Yes, that Foot Clan. Hiroto is the grandson of “The Shredder” and the Last Ronin is the last surviving member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

If you’re familiar with the five-part graphic novels collection, you can understand the excitement of exploring the chaos and battle-worn streets of New York as the Last Ronin. But who is The Last Ronin? Well, the answer is… I’m not telling you. Seriously, if you don’t know the answer you owe it to yourself to take a bit of quiet time, relax on the couch, get lost in the pages of the story and enjoy the reveal of the Last Ronin’s identity. It’ll only take one issue to get your answer.

There’s not much information out there on the game right now, All that we know so far is that THQ Nordic is publishing the title as they revealed the trailer during their showcase last week which states the game is in development. Six days later, the trailer sits with 1.3 million views on the PlayStation YouTube channel alone, so it’s safe to say that everyone has their eyes on this upcoming title.

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