The United Nations Environment Programme, Ozone Secretariat’s pioneering ‘Reset Earth’ platform returns, with the launch of an immersive single-player mobile game for Android and iOS. Building on the plot of the highly successful Reset Earth original animation film, which premiered on World Education Day, and was subsequently watched more than 710,000 times, the game invites players to immerse themselves in a time-travel adventure in which they race against time on a mission to save the planet and what’s left of human life.

The Reset Earth animation film and game uses the power of storytelling and immersive gameplay to educate and inspire Gen Z and gamers of all ages about the fundamentals of protecting the ozone layer and the environment. To date, the animation film has received vast national, mainstream, environmental and entertainment press support worldwide and has generated an impressive social media engagement amongst teens with over 1,200 mentions and around 41M impressions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A great outreach so far, particularly as young people under 24 make up 95% of the animation viewers on Instagram, while on Facebook, 67% of those watching the Reset Earth animation were under 35 years old.

Meg Seki, Acting Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat, said, “The release of the game is a fantastic addition to the Reset Earth animation. Safeguarding the ozone layer and the environment for future generations is a big job – but one that can be achieved, if we listen to the science and work together.”

Reset Earth Storyline

Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world in 2084, where the ozone layer has been completely ruined and human life is under threat from an unstoppable virus called “The Grow”, Reset Earth tells the exciting story of three teenagers who team up in an epic time-travel adventure and race against time in a mission to save the planet and what’s left of human life.

In search of answers, our heroes travel through time, and across multiple landscapes, to critical historical moments in the story of the mysterious ‘ozone layer’, attempting to unlock the secrets of the past to save themselves, the ozone layer and the future of the planet from impending doom. Along the way, they will learn the importance of the ozone layer in protecting the health wellbeing of the planet, as well as the power of working together to achieve what might at first seem impossible. To save the ozone layer, they must jump back in time to ensure the signing of the Montreal Protocol agreement.

Rooted in science, the fictional story and game present a dramatized picture of what Earth could have been like if the world had not acted to protect the ozone layer and signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987.

Reset Earth Key Gameplay Features

Reset Earth is a single-player platform game, combining a retro graphics style and hand-drawn artwork and is aligned with the film’s storyline. Set across 4 stages of challenging immersive platform gameplay, each representing a time zone jump in the animated series, Reset Earth challenges players to truly immerse themselves in the world of Reset Earth, unlocking puzzles and discovering clues and learning about environmental history and the science of protecting the planet.

Produced and developed by Rooftop on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Ozone Secretariat, this epic family-friendly adventure allows players to unlock the three characters; Knox, Sagan or Terran, and utilise their unique game abilities as they race through time to find a way to protect the ozone layer and reset earth. By bringing together the unique abilities of each of the three characters, players will become stronger, and advance faster in their ultimate goal to save the earth, offering hours of teen and family-friendly gameplay.

Reset Earth begins a year-long education initiative by the Ozone Secretariat to raise awareness and inspire action among adolescents and parents about global ozone layer protection. Immersive, educational and thought-provoking, Reset Earth conveys a positive message around what can be achieved through collective action and cultivates a sense of environmental responsibility and ownership amongst the youth.

Understanding that many young people are anxious about the future state of the planet, the Reset Earth campaign aims to show them the power of science, collaboration and cooperation in solving complex global challenges.

The campaign also offers a message of hope, showing how the global community was able to come together and solve one of the most complex environmental challenges at the time, with remarkable success. It happened once, and it can happen again!

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