If your a fan of Dragon Ball games then you may be interested in the newly annouced event in London. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has annouced they’ll be hosting an event dedicated to Dragon Ball games on March the 6th. The event will be hosted online for all fans as a worldwide event. 

Dragon Ball spans across many different forms of media. The manga series alone has sold over 260 million copies. The anime shows being aired in over 80 countires around the globe. And let’s not forget our long list of video games. The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event will feature multiple games. This will be the first Dragon Ball event to has multiple games highlighted at a single event. Undoubtedly delivering an unforgettable day for all fans around the world. 

Give Me Energy! An Event Powered By People From All Over The World

Three popular Dragon Ball games will take the centre stage. The Dragon Ball FighterZ video game available on all platforms, the card game released by Bandai and the mobile game Dragon Ball Legends. Fans will be able to tune and watch competitors go head to head. The competitiors will be represented from all around the world reports Bandai. Each game will be tailored with specific formats to make it more appealing to the audience for the Battle Hour event.

The matches played at the Dragon Ball event will be broadcast in both English and Japanese. Bandai goes on to state that the audience will be able to participate in the event with an online program that will be held in conjunction with the matches. Get ready to create a personalised avatar and spam some emotes. If your interested in find out more, visit the event site here.

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