Rigid Force Alpha, which launched earlier this year, is a thrilling R-type inspired shooter which breathes new life into the side-scrolling shooter genre. Since the game’s launch in September the developers behind the game, Com8com1, have been working with the community to optimise and improve the game.

The latest patch of Rigid Force Alpha focuses on usability and accessibility, and now offers additional language options and full controller support via Steam Input. The overall difficulty balancing has been improved and a number of additional features have been added.

This latest update includes:

  • New Language Options: UI texts are now also available in Spanish, French and Italian!
  • Difficulty Adjustments: All difficulty levels have been reworked according to community feedback. Easy difficulty is now much more beginner-friendly, while Medium and Hard have received additional detail adjustments.
  • Bonus Credits: Receive additional Bonus Credits for the Main Mission for each hour played!
  • Stage Selection: On ‘Easy’ you can now select the stage you want to start from! All stages you have already played through are available as an entry point.
  • Improved Controller Support: With Steam Input you can now use all controllers supported by the Steam Client with Rigid Force Alpha. (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch Pro Pad, Steam Controller as well as any generic X-Input and DirectInput controller)

Rigid Force Alpha looks like an absolute blast and the various updates to it can only mean more fun for gamers. I still remember the R-Type days of my youth. That was one of the first game I latched on to and Rigid Force Alpha looks like a throwback to that era.


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