I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re in some kind of horror game renaissance. Almost every day, more and more horrors are appearing. They’re becoming more mainstream. Classic horror is becoming more accessible through remakes and remasters. Although, that isn’t a complaint. And this is one such case.

Based on the 2001 Korean game of the same name, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is getting a next-gen release. The game was initially remade back in 2015, and is hitting next-gen in September of this year. White Day will also be hitting Nintendo Switch.

Let me give you a quick run down on what White Game is.

Enter Yeondu High School, a building with a dark past, patrolled by homicidal janitors, and haunted by those who met their untimely demise on its grounds. On the eve of White Day, a romantic gesture goes wrong. You and your fellow Yeondu High School classmates find yourselves locked inside the school at night. However, this isn’t a simple lock in. You’re all being hunted by killer janitors and haunted by the restless dead.

Discover and interact with other trapped students using dialogue options that will influence how the story unfolds. Depending on your actions, you can find a total of ten different endings. During a second playthrough you can even unlock a brand new playable protagonist, ultimately splitting the story off into two separate branches with unique endings.

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Jade is a 25 year old horror queen (her words), artist and gamer. She's also a bit too obsessed with dinosaurs. When she's not writing or in game, Jade can normally be found buried in some kind of art.

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