Witch Of Oblivion, the sorcerous soulslike set in an ever-changing open world developed by Tasto Alpha, catches fire on PC via Steam Early Access in Spring 2025, as revealed during IGN Live.

In an age forgotten, the godlike Ancients have wielded nature’s might to dominate the world for time immemorial. The awakening of Cinder Witch Lyva provides kindling for hope to blossom, but upon waking from her years-long slumber, she has no recollection of her life’s purpose. Search high and low across an ever-changing forest for memory fragments to unveil her reason for existence in a colourful, dreamlike RPG adventure.

Explore vast, dangerous woodland that magically alters the locations of its fantastical inhabitants. All the while keeping Lyva on her toes for what’s behind each tree. Befriend docile critters in possession of magical secrets, and battle aggressive fauna like flying snakes, sprouting spiders, and ferocious fowl. Then, interact with sage-like animals and the human-esque Wildfolk, who offer sidequests in exchange for worship and gifts.

Respect the Forbidden Flame capable of burning friends and foes alike or risk uncontrolled destruction of innocent life. Indiscriminate use will leave the forest and its furry inhabitants in ashes, leading to untold consequences and altering the story’s trajectory. Ready to unleash Lyva’s full destructive capabilities? Climb online leaderboards against witches around the world while burning bosses to a crisp in record time.

Witch of Oblivion mixes the classic soulslike experience with elements of precision and self-control. Instead of only monitoring health and magic reserves, it also requires consideration of collateral damage,” says Tom Ikeda, Director at Tasto Alpha. Our crafting system allows for near-infinite ways to customize your playstyle, so players can explore the effects of a cautious approach, wanton destruction, and everything in between.

Witch Of Oblivion will be available on PC via Steam Early Access in Spring 2025.

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