A Review in Progress: Brief Battles

A Review in Progress: Brief Battles
A local multi-player game to keep you and friends entertained for a few hours at best.
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Brief Battles is a local multi-player, Smash Bros like game from the developers of Juicy Cupcake. A casual game aimed at people who want to play games on their couch with their friends. My experience with the game? Well it made me wish that my play through was briefer than it was.
The more I played the game the more it just sat as an okay game with me. With nothing special and nothing bad to offer that’s what the game is, just okay. There’s plenty of games that do the Smash Bros genre better that are worth you and your friends time.

Time for Your De-Briefing

Brief Battles allows you and up to 4 players battle it out in screen for the winner. A sort of butt-em-up if you will excuse my humour. I will be making plenty of those jokes over the course of this review, because the game is about underwear and also that’s the type of person I am. Each player picks a character, some of which remind me of the Captain Underpants book covers. Then you begin to battle it out in an arena. But here comes the cheeky part, the power pickups are underwear. As you and friends scramble from one end of the screen to the other to pick up the super powered undies, a winner emerges to prove he has the mightiest buns of all. What Brief Battles does well is offer a wide variety of different levels that you can play. Levels well suited for beginners and those well suited for veterans that have plenty of level hazards to scare the pants off you.

It’s Pants! (or briefs)

Unfortunately, Brief Battles also comes with quite a few down falls. The first was noticeable from the very beginning. The characters on the screen were so tiny that a lot of the time I didn’t know what character I was amongst all the chaos on the screen. The second issue was there is was too many controls. Fair enough you have the super powered underwear and you get different abilities that you use but then adding in abilities such as ceiling climbing? Not once over the entire time we played the game did one of us actually use that ability on purpose. Most of the time it was a hindrance which came out of an accidental jump.

Like Seeing Your First Thong the Thrill Wears Off

Overall the experience is fun and exciting for the first 20 mins and then you realise that there is nothing really that great about the game. Then the mundane game play sets in, coupled with the irritating controls. You find yourself turning to your friends and saying “shall we play something else? Anything else?”. Only for you to hear a resounding “Yes please, I’m done with this”. With very little to offer Brief Battles offers you a brief amount of entertainment. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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