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You’ve hopefully read my review of Horizon Zero Dawn and have decided to put it on your Christmas list if you haven’t there’s another reason to add this game to your stocking list and it’s called The Frozen Wilds. This DLC from Guerilla Games adds a whole new region to the world for Aloy to travel to and gives you new weapons, several new and devastating machines to tackle and an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating Banuk tribe. A well as that there is a fascinating look into the lore that further enhances the story of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Frozen Wilds is introduced into the story as a sidequest that Aloy can attempt at level 30: Aloy learns of strange goings on in the Cut and so she heads there for several reasons, because she’s a good person and wants to help out and two because she hopes to learn more about Sylens her mysterious “ally”. When you arrive at the Cut you are greeted by a new machine that seems to have been corrupted but in fact it has become a daemon (this is the games way of saying a new kind of infection has taken hold of machines up in the Cut). This new machine is a Scorcher and it is quite deadly, when I headed to the Cut at level 40 I thought I’d be fine surely nothing there would be too tough a challenge, how wrong I was. This machine brought me to near death and I used up all my herbs and potions. From this moment I knew that this DLC was a cut above the rest and this was due to the highly challenging A.I. There are a handful of new machines but they’re enough to further enhance Horizon Zero Dawn.

As well as new enemies you’ll also receive a few new weapons which are essentially a flamethrower, an ice blaster and a powerful electric gun. They’re all brilliant but the best one of the lot is the Banuk Stormslinger which is the powerful electric gun that if you overcharge will blowback against Aloy and kill her so there’s a high risk/reward element with this weapon which is a lot of fun.

If it’s possible the graphics in The Frozen Wilds is even better than the original title the frozen tundra is incredible to traverse and I couldn’t get enough of it in particular the active volcano. It sets a wonderful crimson hue over the sky that is a testament to the creative talent at Guerilla Games. It’s both beautiful and terrifying at the same time and I was constantly impressed by the scenery on show.

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The story of The Frozen Wilds is quite interesting as yet another rogue A.I. known as the daemon has taken over the Cut and is planning to spread further once it has amassed a large enough army. Its inclusion into the lore of Horizon Zero Dawn is brilliant and clearly sets up further storylines down the line that will excite fans of Horizon Zero Dawn. Once you finish The Frozen Wilds there will be repercussions that will impact the story of Horizon Zero Dawn so I would recommend that you play the DLC before you finish the game to have a more streamlined experience.

With Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds gamers are sure to have a very Merry Christmas with Aloy as she battles her way through the snow-covered land known as the Cut. Let us know in the comments below if this review helped you decide on whether or not you’re picking up this DLC and have yourself a Merry Christmas.

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