A Review in Progress: Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble
Fun and challenging turn-based strategy game with interesting mechanics to learn
3.9Overall Score

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is a turn-based strategy game developed by Area 35. This is actually a sequel which you most likely missed (We didn’t here is our review). If you’re into the age old classic of Advance Wars by Nintendo then you’ll love this game. While creating its own charms Tiny Metal builds on the turn-based strategy genre to give you a new experience.

A Dash Of Modern And A Splash Of Military

With a modern touch on the military theme Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is a pleasant experience and starts off with just the right amount of a learning curve. Bringing you through the campaign to teach you the basics of movement, troop meta and combat. You start off most levels with a small number of troops be they infantry, tanks, jets and more. Move them across the map to combat the enemy’s forces and to capture towns and bases. The will then allow you to gain resources every round which you can in turn use to build more units.

Troop Variety As Vast as Batman’s Utility Belt

The further you travel into the campaign the deeper the troop meta is in terms of which unit works best against which. Starting off relatively simple with infantry troops you work your way up to using, tanks, fighter jets, radar units, artillery and more. Each unit in Tiny Metal will have their own movements and specialties. Along the way you will start to run out of ammo and fuel as you use your troops. At first I found this to be a hassle but then quickly adapted to the mechanic. Adding an extra bit of strategy and logic to the game. Forcing you to learn how to resupply your units.

Features That Reignite The Genre

Another interesting feature that Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble brings into it’s game is the Focus Fire and the Assault on a troops combat option. Focus Fire allows you to surround your enemy and attack them all together with a group. This makes for a quick disposal of enemy troops. Assault allows you to push enemy troops back of towns or bases that they may be on. Using this tactic will however allow the enemy to attack before you. The more you learn to use these tactics the quicker and more enjoyable Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble becomes.

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AI That Could Do With More Intelligence

As you play Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble you will also come across heroes and super-charged version of the regular troops giving you a little more variety in the still of play. What I came across on the regular basis that hampered my experience was that the AI was inconsistent and you could quite easily trick it into doing stupid things if you knew how. This was especially the case when capturing enemy bases.

The online multiplayer of Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble was pleasantly good if you could get into a game. No many people playing online makes it hard to get into a game. However when you do get into a game you will experience great variety in maps. There seems to be about 70 maps in play offering great replayability.

The Sum Up of Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble was as clean as whistle in terms of bugs. Not once did I come across a bug in the game. I did notice there was no autosave feature and this was frustrating if you played through most of a level and forgot to save. That you could argue is a bug. Other than that I was surprised at the clean set up of the keyboard and mouse and the controller support. Both very smooth and easy to use. So to sum up, if you’re into turn-based strategy then this game is definitely worth a play through. While the story does lack at time the game play is fun and challenging if you select the right difficulty

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