Clean the rust off your chainsaw, flex your muscles, and start callin’ people “Cupcake”, the Gears are back! Gears Tactics, set to release April 28th, has a new trailer and is now available to pre-load. Developed by The Coalition, this new form of Gears combat will release first on PC, with an Xbox release to follow. You will be able to carve through Locust hordes on Steam, Windows 10, or Xbox Games Pass for PC. An Xbox One console release will follow later in the year, with no date set as of writing. The team at The Coalition are eager to emphasize that Gears Tactics is a “PC-first game built for PC”. They even went so far as to partner with Intel, in order to further optimize the game for PC players. Well played The Coalition, well played indeed.

Keep readin’ cupcake

Gears Tactics is a complete change of pace for the storied franchise. This new iteration sees players slaughter monstrous bad guys in turn-based tactical combat. Naturally, there will be comparisons to current king of the genre XCOM. Fans of those games will be at home with the style almost immediately. Although, The Coalition has definitely ramped up the adrenaline, and given their game that inherent “Gears” vibe. Trademark executions are the main combat feature, allowing players a free move; clearly an emphasis on brutal action as much as strategic thinking.

Players will control a Gears squad of four hyper-aggressive meatheads, with deep customization and RPG options available. The main player character is one Gabe Diaz, father of Gears 5 protagonist Kait, and all-around grumpy dude. The game is set 12 years before the events of Gears of War and focuses on the initial battles against the Locust. Gabe’s nemesis will be Ukkon, a Locust geneticist who is responsible for the creation of the Locust army during the events of Gears of War.

Now watch the f’kin trailer buttercup

The trailer itself doesn’t show a lot of game-play but highlights plenty of exposition. Gabe and Ukkon get their introductions, and the character customization and RPG elements are touched upon. I have to admit I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve been a Gears fan since the get-go, and a lifetime turn-based strategy guy. The two seem a match made in heaven. Bring on the carnage!

You can pre-order Gears Tactics now on Steam or Windows 10. Do so, or play with the Xbox Games Pass for PC before May 4th and you will receive the Thrashball Cole Character Pack which includes Augustus Cole as a recruit and the Thrashball Armor Set, complete with rare abilities. Stay tuned to GamEir. Also, be sure and converse with us on Twitter (@gam_eir), Facebook (@GamEir), and Instagram (@GamEir). Check out our videos on Twitch (GamEir) and YouTube (GamEir) and we’ll give you all the latest content.

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