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I spent this past weekend out there on the greens, teeing off with a worldwide audience and this is thanks to Everybody’s Golf from SIE Japan Studios. Everybody’s Golf is a golfing videogame with a dollop of whimsy and that’s just what the doctor ordered for a fun weekend.

What first struck me about the videogame are the stylistic graphics, they are simple enough nothing that will push the limitations of the PlayStation 4 but they are charming and the vibrant colours and varied landscapes are engaging. You don’t come to Everybody’s Golf for the photorealism though, you come for golf and stay for the fun gameplay but I’ll discuss the gameplay later in the review.

When you first start up the game you customise your golfer and at first, there is nothing especially groundbreaking about the selection but wait that will explode as you progress in your journey to become the champion golfer. Once you finish with character customisation you arrive on golf island where you must battle your way through golfing tournament after golfing tournament until there is no one standing in your way.

Unfortunately, there are obstacles as you try to rise through the ranks are the “bosses” of Everybody’s Golf, these are in the shape of elite golfers who guard the way as you progress through the game. They range in difficulty and as the game goes on their competence as golfers will spike. I found my first issue was with the third boss who was leagues above her predecessors and this is where the RPG elements come into Everybody’s Golf because you have to grind to become a better golfer. This is a tricky situation because you have to switch between each club to ensure that they all level up and to get every aspect of the club is a difficult scenario because there are several elements to a club that affects its quality. Some of the factors that affect the quality of your clubs include Power – which is the factor that dictates the distance of your swings, Control – this deals with the preciseness of where your ball will land and Backdoor – which deals with how you deal with the green and all the factors when you are putting.

As you level up your golfer and conquer the tournaments and bosses more of Everybody’s Golf will open up to you.

  • New customisable items
  • New clubs to utilise
  • Coins to buy whatever tickles your fancy

Now we come to easily the most enjoyable part of Everybody’s Golf, the gameplay. The gameplay is quite fast paced and addictive and this is due to the simple to learn but difficult to master button system. Players will utilise the x button within a gauge that designates 1 – the distance of your swing and 2 – the accuracy of it. It’s a simple but effective system with a strategic element due to the upgrading of the various clubs you earn.

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To flesh out the world of Everybody’s Golf so that it’s not another golf game is an eccentric bunch of characters and mini-games, the first character I met on my journey was Professor Koenji, he’s a diminutive quizmaster that deals out rewards for answering his questions (all golf themed of course). Some of them are questions for golfing fans, others you will learn in-game. If there was an issue with this mini-game is when you get a question wrong he still tells you the answer which means when the quiz begins anew you know all the answers. It’s a shame a little more thought couldn’t have been put into this particular mini-game especially since it’s the first.

The score of Everybody’s Golf is energetic and is constantly trying to keep you engaged with the game, unfortunately, it lost me and I turned it down and I just listened to my favourite podcasts while I played the game. In regards to the length attempting to beat the game as it gets progressively more difficult will decide how long you play Everybody’s Golf. Will you rise to the challenge by level grinding your gear (which could take hours to do) or will you wilt and turn off your PlayStation 4 in frustration? The multiplayer experience is fun with family and friends but is oddly limited when it comes to the number of players available. You can only have four golfers in a match and it’s a letdown when you can’t have a full blown tournament with your family.

Everybody’s Golf is appropriately titled because it is for everybody, it brings in newcomers and veterans alike and welcomes them with open arms. You’ll sit down and while away the hours as you try to beat that particular boss or become number one against your brother or sister and that’s a great weekend for any gamer. Check out Everybody’s Golf if you get the chance, it’s well worth it.

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