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The first thing you’ll notice about Infini is the bizarre world you are presented with. Much of the appeal of Infini can be found in its strange setting and interesting gameplay loop.

In the beginning you are dropped into a strange trippy world with your goal being to reach the exit portal to venture to the next experience or realm. You explore the realms of Infini as an unnamed human character or “vessel” and all throughout you interact with other various NPCs, each of which is trying to help you to get where you want to go. Your goal? To transcend or reach the final level of Infini, whatever that may mean. Your only sense of reality is a timer which is counting down to the days since the “event”.

While the story of Infini may seem ambiguous and difficult to follow the true storytelling is done in the background. While the combination of a strange background and trippy music may at first seem weird and annoying, you come to understand what Infini is aiming for. It would be more accurate to say that you experience Infini rather than play it. Each new section warrants a short (yet confused) pause to take all the bizarreness in. The otherworldly feeling will grow on you, and you learn to embrace and admire the setting of Infini.

The Infinite loop

At the core of Infini is some solid, tried and true gameplay mechanics. It is a hybrid of a platformer and a puzzle game. This game involves a lot of trial and error, and I highly recommend playing with a controller where possible. Every other level introduces new powers you can use to traverse said levels. These powers can range from flying to zooming in and out of the level to traverse it better.  There is a satisfaction in its simplistic yet perfected mechanics. The real source of enjoyment in Infini’s roughly 90-minute playtime is finally figuring out how you can bring all your tricks together to portal out and get closer and closer to the final level.

The Infinite Abyss

Infini is a game which tries and succeeds to capture your attention, but this is for all the wrong reasons.

Story-wise, Infini is difficult to follow at the best of times and downright confusing at its worst. It seems to be aiming for something ambiguous but ultimately falls short. This leaves you wondering why you’re making this journey and why you should pilot your vessel to wherever. Its atmosphere and setting, while interesting and different, does by in large add to the confusion. The story of Infini is not its main highlight and is unfortunately very forgettable.

But, the good news is Infini knows where its strengths are. While it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel (and invent completely new mechanics), it does utilise the tools at its disposal to great effect. If platformers don’t tickle your fancy I’d say give this one a miss. But if you’re looking for a platformer with a different spin, Infini promises an entertaining and fun experience.

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