Krut: The Mythic Wings barely takes flight
More wax than mythic wings.
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Indie games are amazing. This is a fact of life, well as told by me anyway. Even if you are solely playing
only AAA titles, there is a strong chance you have come across an indie title that you enjoyed. Krut: the
Mythic Wings is not an example of that.

It’s a flash game… It’s just a flash game.

Krut: The Mythic Wings, is based on a CGI movie from 2018 named, Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors.
The game begins with a huge info dump of exposition, a continuous stream of lore, story, characters and
locations. This is all accompanied by what looks to be four or five pieces of concept art lifted from
development. Nothing at all from the movie it’s based on to help the player understand the backstory
better or give any visual aids to the locations or races being thrown at them.

When it finally gets down to dialogue, the same large text box is used but this time with character art. I’m not going to sugarcoat this, it looks like fan art. This part of the game plays out like a visual novel
without the luxury of anything visually interesting to look at. The dialogue is weak, poorly written and lends to that feeling of this being a free fan project you can play online.

For example, at the beginning of the game during the exposition dump, our main character ‘Verra’
receives the power of ‘the silver wings’, which inflicts a tremendous amount of pain on him. Instead of
showing us this moment with some artwork or animation. We just get the text box and unchanged
character art of Verra, just standing there not a bother on him at all.

Knowing this was how they were going to tell this story, they could have penned a detailed piece of text explaining the pain and agony Verra was going through but they didn’t. They just end up saying he was experiencing an ‘indescribable, unbearable pain’ while Verra says, “ah ahh ahhh… the pain” and then they quickly move on past it. There is absolutely no reason to sit through any of these story beats because they simply just are not important whatsoever. To the game’s credit, you have the option to skip these story beats to get into the action. Well, what the game calls action… You know what? Let’s just get into the action part of this thing.

All talk, no action.

As a PS5 title, it’s fair to say it’s just that in name and this copy will only run on the PlayStation 5
console. Other than that, no Duelsense features or gameplay hints to avail of (not that you would need the things). Just one lone activity card that throws you into a new game and overwrites your previous file. Krut: The Mythic Wings honestly reminds me of a game I would come across while browsing back in the day. Everything from the artwork, animation, enemy models, level design and even the menus themselves. I’m just gonna bullet point this to get to the point.

  • Artwork – To base this off an already established movie and not use screen grabs or clips from it
    is baffling. I’m not going over this again but the few frames of concept art are simply not enough
    to keep you entertained while reading the flow of text being thrown at you.
  • Animation – There’s nothing special here. Verra is stiff in and out of combat and for someone
    with a set of wings, he moves at half the speed of smell.
  • Enemy Models – Giant crabs, hermit crabs, bats, scorpions… the game’s description says this is a
    world full of mythical creatures but the only things that are somewhat unique are the mini-bosses
    and end-of-level bosses. (levels 5 and 6 have different creatures to fight but by then you are
    already 80% through the game)
  • Level Design – The majority of each level is empty, moving to the left until ‘something’ finally
    spawns in your path to fight. I say ‘something’ because it’s random what spawns in and where it
    can spawn.

My only positives of this game are: It was quick to finish. My first playthrough came in at one hour and
forty-four minutes. My second playthrough came in at forty minutes. I was going to play through a third time just to finish the trophy list and grab the platinum but I honestly cannot put myself through the game again.

My other positives are the option to skip the story sections and the option to skip the tutorial which makes you press every button and combo before allowing you to continue and play the game.
Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush on this and as I said earlier I’m not going to sugarcoat this. To ask consumers to pay eight euros for this is actually a joke.

Do not play this game. There are other games on the market at the moment that are 2D side-scrolling action titles that deliver the experience on a much more enjoyable level for the same price if not cheaper.

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