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Nom Nom Apocalypse is an indie, top-down shooter with rogue-lite elements. Developed and published by Deadleaf Games. The game offers a mix between playing Overcooked and Enter The Gungeon with a twist of gourmet to it. While not delivering a kick when played solo Nom Nom Apocalypse can, however, provide you and a friend some fun when played together.

From Bland to Salty and Back Again

In the world of Nom Nom Apocalypse sentient, mutant foods have brought the apocalypse upon us. It is up to you and possibly friends if you have them, to save the world. Like any other rogue-lite, you progress through the levels, earn some goodies, weapons and currency. When you die you start over from level 1 but get to keep what you’ve earned in the previous playthroughs. This adds a decent push to do a little better each run through the levels.

A Recipe for Apocalyptic Disaster 

Nom Nom Apocalypse allows you to pick from 4 characters, each with their own traits and abilities. As you play you can unlock other characters and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Each character plays a little different so play around with them all see which you like the best. You can spend your money on buying perks and this helps to increase your survival. However, I found I spent most of my money on ammo and health. Could have done with a little more ammo drops in the playthrough as it is a twin-stick shooter after all.

If you like puns then you’ll love the way Nom Nom Apocalypse overfeeds them to you. When I say that, I honestly don’t mean that in a bad way either. I found myself enjoying the puns and expecting them around every corner. I was pleasantly impressed with the boss battles too. Finding myself constantly looking forward to seeing what tasty dish I would come up against next. I just wish I could play as a Gordon Ramsey styled character.

Food is always better with friends

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While Nom Nom Apocalypse is just like any other top-down shooter when played alone. However, when it’s played together with a friend it becomes rather fun. I can’t really put my finger on it either. I think it’s the mash of colourful character and foods. The thousand different projectiles on the screen and the constant grunting and huffing from getting hit and near misses. We found ourselves laughing over and quoting the array of puns to each other whenever we had the chance. 

Can I Get The Check, Please

Playing through Nom Nom Apocalypse I experienced virtually no bugs. Which is rare enough for an indie game. The colourful enemies, puns and challenges push you to keep playing on. I will say the soundtrack gets a little bit repetitive. Also, I heavily recommend playing the game with snacks next to you. Seeing all the tasty mutant dishes on your screen makes you so hungry so quickly.
If I had to boil this game down, I would say play with friends.

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