World of Horror

Let’s Talk About World of Horror

Spooky season has come and gone, but the horror queen is still here! I hope everyone had a safe Halloween! Things were quiet on my end, mostly because I've been playing horror games! And friends, it was only a...
Nom Nom Apocalypse

Nom Nom Apocalypse – Salty Yet Sweet

Nom Nom Apocalypse is an indie, top-down shooter with rogue-lite elements. Developed and published by Deadleaf Games. The game offers a mix between playing Overcooked and Enter The Gungeon with a twist of gourm...
The Last Spell

Protect Humanity in The Last Spell

The Last Spell, the turn-based tactical RPG with roguelite elements from CCCP where hardened heroes defend humanity's final bastion from hordes of blood-starved monstrosities, fights against the darkness on PC ...