Let’s Talk About Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection
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Current Jade is here to tell you to hold on to your butts! Yes, it’s time to talk about Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection! And yes, I took my time with this so I could play as much as possible. Is anyone really surprised? Really, I spared no expense.

What is Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection?

This collection brings together seven titles from the infamous franchise. Of course, this also means they come with some upgrades. Save state support, new maps, and quality-of-life fixes exist. Included in this collection are:

  • Jurassic Park 8-BIT
  • Jurassic Park Portable
  • Jurassic Park 16-BIT
  • Jurassic Park Genesis
  • Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues 16-BIT
  • Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues Portable
  • Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition Genesis

Each game is a solid upgrade of the originals, giving a rounded experience. You’ll get to play as both Dr Alan Grant AND a velociraptor on your quest for survival. And these are adventures you don’t want to miss.

Life Finds a Park

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a deep love of the entire Jurassic Park franchise. But adding to my collection, games in particular is not an easy feat. Especially the older games. So when I heard that Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection was happening, you can imagine my excitement. I have been trying to get my hands on the NES/SNES/Genesis era of games for months upon months.

Sitting down and getting to experience these games finally is almost indescribable. The art style, being the classic remastered, is incredibly cool. Many games as of late try to emulate the nostalgic style of older games. None quite hit the nail on the head though. Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection is everything I needed artistically. I’m a simple woman, I like older things brought to a new light.

The gameplay takes a little bit to get used to. Especially when learning how to aim when you need to shoot. Once you adjust, it’s a lot of fun. However, I firmly believe that the greatest gameplay comes from being a velociraptor. You should buy Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection for that alone.

Jurassic Thoughts

Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot to say about these games. While there is some level of difficulty within, it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with some practice. Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection is the perfect amount of nostalgia paired with the 30-year anniversary of the franchise.

If you’re a franchise fan, or just enjoy the feel of old games, you need this collection in your life. Although, I honestly feel everyone needs to play these games. That may be my dinosaur bias speaking, but it’s true. Everyone needs more dinosaurs in their lives. My only complaint is that I missed out on scoring the physical edition.

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