A Review In Progress: Little Nightmares #1
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It’s all the rage now to have comic book tie-ins with video games. After all the Injustice series proved that you could have great success in both areas.  With Little Nightmares, Bandai Namco hopes to replicate the success Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has had.

The comic book gives the reader a brief glimpse into the world of Little Nightmares so anyone unaware of the video game may be at a slight loss as to what is going on. I know I was, but the narrative was strong enough that I cared for all these characters even though I knew nothing about them.

To begin the issue the reader is introduced to the main character in the video game, Six is her name, and she is traversing through this horrifying world until it seems she finds shelter with several other diminutive figures as they cower around a flame trying to find protection from the creatures always circling them. Quickly we learn that doesn’t matter as one of the children is killed right in front of them and it’s a grisly death. Eventually, they all come to tentative safety once more, so they decide to help Six by recounting their journeys to help her possibly remember hers.

This particular journey is titled ‘Tale of the North Wind’ and follows the journey of a brother and sister who flee their homeland from a demonic storm. There is a theme of courage and how it doesn’t always work out the way you hope when you face such an insurmountable force. The resolution to the story is quite a tragic one, and this is an excellent first issue and companion piece to Little Nightmares.

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The art of Little Nightmares #1 is quite dynamic, from the disturbing imagery that always reminds you this is a far more grim fairy tale than anything else out there. This is helped by the earthy colours that give a gritty feeling to it and hammers home the point that this is a world drained of colour and life. The art style is also charming because it came across as a child telling a story and the choice with the lines and curves allows for a softer view point even if the story itself is quite perilous.

Issue #1 of Little Nightmares is a fascinating look at the world of Little Nightmares and gives a terrifying look at the lessons these children have learned. Much like Grimm Fairy Tales, this is a different kind of adventure, and I look forward to the next part of the journey for Six and these little wayward children.

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