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SuperEpic: The Entertainment War is a metroidvania-style indie game developed by Undercoders and published by Numskull Games. If your sick of microtransactions and frustrated because all your juicy content in your games is being hidden behind paywalls? Well then, my friend why not go on a rampage to end the atrocities?

Set in the not too distant future SuperEpic: The Entertainment War puts you in a world where a company called Regnantcorp has monopolised the videogame industry. Releasing their free to play garbage to the masses and spreading addiction. It’s up to you the hero of the game, who might I add is a raccoon riding a llama. You must navigate your way through the gigantic head office, solving puzzles, beating bosses and quite literally taking down the corporate pigs.

So many slaughtered pigs it looked like a butchers

SupereEpic: The Entertainment War uses a constant spawning mechanic to throw enemies at you and keep you moving the whole time. The end result being that your are mashing the different attack buttons to stay alive and not get bashed by the continuous stream of pork being sent at you. Honestly, it was exciting at first but after a while it got frustrating as I could never take the game at my own pace. It always had to be full on action. Along with the pigs you got a number of other enemies and bosses which added a good variety to the experience as you move along in the world. The game was cleverly consistent with its use of enemies, never allowing you to feel too overpowered even after getting all the upgrades.

A nice touch to SupereEpic: The Entertainment War was the use of weapons. As you play the game you can unlock and buy new weapons. Starting off with a lance and brush to begin with and then moving onto a plunger or a stop sign. Some of these were rather hilarious. A great touch of customisation and variety to the game. 

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As you play through SupereEpic: The Entertainment War you come across this interesting feature which I’ve never come across before. On your adventure you will come across doors things you can’t pass until you get a certain code that you have to put into a keypad. You’ll find a QR code in the room or somewhere nearby. Once you scan the QR code on your phone. You are taken to a free to play style mobile game in which you have to finish to get the code. Using inspiration from games like Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, and Candy Crush there is some fun mini-games to be played. I ironically found myself enjoying the free to play mini-games that SupereEpic: The Entertainment War was trying to mock. So much so that I tried to explore every inch of the map just so I could ensure I found all the mini-games.

The ups and downs of any metroidvania’s

SupereEpic: The Entertainment War was an interesting game, however the same can’t be said for the story. It lacked any real compelling story to drive you to your next goal. The music I found was fun at the beginning but can get a little tiresome and repetitive after a while. The game sometimes suffers from having too many things moving on the screen and can make it hard to focus on where you are and what’s coming for you. All that aside, it’s an interesting metroidvania to play with great mechanics and throw backs to good movies and games. It does seem to bring its own touch to the metroidvania genre and thus giving you a compelling reason to give the game a try.

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