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Supermassive Games return with their fourth and final episode of The Dark Pictures Anthology:
Season One
. Exploring the themes and building the scares, story and characters around the ‘Slasher’
killer troupe this time around. The Devil In Me revolves around a group of filmmakers who are currently producing a documentary on America’s first serial killer ‘H.H.Holmes’. Charlie Lorne, the director of the group, receives a call from Grantham DuMet. DuMet is a fan of Holmes and has recreated his famous ‘World Fair Hotel’ and invites Lorne and his team to come and stay and acquire more footage to help with their documentary. Upon arriving, the crew discover a more sinister plan is at play and they must cooperate to survive the night and escape the hotel alive.

With the synopsis out of the way, this game was hilarious to play. Not due to the content but the bugs and glitches that my friends and I encountered while playing. I got a crew of friends together to play ‘Movie Night’ mode with this game. Each of us had a character and were responsible for their choices and lives. Each scene was awkward to watch, characters would be holding conversations but not looking at each other, it was like everyone was blind and looking in the general direction of each other. Teleporting around scenes between camera cuts, character models contorting and twisting around themselves and impossible Quick Time Events.

The Devil is in the details

Some choices presented to the player are strange and ridiculous. For example, characters ‘A’ & ‘B’
are trapped and you must choose who dies. Selecting ‘Character A’ results in ‘A’ dying and ‘Character
B’ surviving BUT Selecting ‘B’ results in both characters surviving. It’s just a coin toss if the players
can continue the story with a full cast.

After I finished the game with my friends I penned a rough draft of this review, Supermassive Games tweeted out that the Playstation 5 version of the game was still running without the day zero and day one patches. I went to update my game but it stated I was indeed running the game on the latest build. I had a quick blast through the game again on solo mode and the game was still quite janky in most parts.

Honestly, don’t buy The Devil in Me if you want a solo horror experience. However, if you have a group of friends and want to have a laugh for the night I recommend you all chip in and grab a copy to enjoy ‘Movie Night’ mode. Supermassive Games are active on their socials and seem to listen to feedback and provide customer support. I wouldn’t be surprised if another patch is due from the developers soon and some of the problems I encountered are patched up.

These latest forked tongue words were brought to you by Lewis Magee.

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