If I could add a law to the world, it would make it illegal to make a mech game without including the word “core” in the title. Clearly, the developers of Blazing Core agree with me. Blazing Core is a multiplayer mech game currently in early access on Steam. I took a look, so let’s discuss!

Let’s start with the presentation. The game isn’t finished, so we’ll give them time to apply the polish. The general look of the game is here though, and it’s pretty solid. The theme of the game is mythological, the mechs you control are considered knights based on ancient legends. As such, the designs of the mechs are very different from anything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen my fair share of giant robots. The mechs are colourful, the armour plates are ornate and interesting. Animation quality is good, the movements of the mechs feel well weighted. Each of the bots have bespoke weaponry that clank into place as you load and reload them.

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At face value, you might think Blazing Core is another online multiplayer game in our post-Overwatch world. It’s colourful and gives you a cast of varied characters to choose from. If there’s a game you can compare Blazing Core to, it’s World of Tanks. Matches are team-based, gameplay is slow and deaths are permanent. Playing a light, fast character means being careful with your health and engaging carefully. The heavy characters soak up damage far more than Reinhardt or Roadhog, so your tanks really have to play tanks. Team play is crucial in Blazing Core, you need to work together because mistakes can have lasting effects.

Of course being in early access, content is light but there is a decent variety across the six mechs currently available. Buying into the game now will get you the bare bones of a solid multiplayer game that promises much more content when it is finished. At fifteen bucks I can recommend it to anyone who hears what I’ve said and feels like this could be the game for them. For the majority of people, I’d suggest keeping an eye on this game, maybe add it your wishlist. With more things to do and ways to play, I can see Blazing Core being the next big thing in the mech game genre.

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