On the 28th & 29th of July, 8-Bit will be once again opening its doors to their guests but this time with the powerhouse that is Trust Gaming behind them. Expanding to the whole of Griffith Colleges Campus and bringing in 3 times the amount of entertainment with a full arcade setup, daily tournaments, full retro gaming area, complete list of retro vendors and artists, music, live band, NCVM, Gamevan, Live Band, Youtube/Podcast Workshops, Facepainting, Balloon Making, Mascots, All-Cast Irish Gamers and so much more. Now with a capacity of over 2500, this July will be the biggest entertainment event for family, friends, gamers and more this year

8-Bits brand is about Trust and about vision and similar ideals and Trust Gaming exceeds those brand messages in everything they do. We are proud to have Trust Gaming a part of this journey not just for now but for years to come” – Founder & CEO Graeme Moore said

“At Trust Gaming our brand means everything to us. 8-Bit has shown that not only can they deliver on a great event but they care about the people they work with, their guests and their partners and we want to be a part of that. Through 8-bit we believe we can further grow our brand image throughout Ireland”. – Mario DeJager (Trust Gaming)

It sounds like it’s going to be another great time at 8-Bit with Trust Gaming so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet be sure to get on it.

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Web: www.8bitconference.com

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