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Unrailed! is a stunning co-op multiplayer game in which you and a group of friends work together to construct a train track across an interesting procedurally generated world. If you’ve played games like Mini Metro and Overcooked you’ll love the look of Unrailed as it’s a love child of the both. Developed by Indoor Astronaut and published by Deadalic Entertainment. The game has only recently released on Steam early access. Keep that in mind for the review as fixes and new features are currently set for the future.

Derailed Ambitions

Myself and a friend start off in our randomly generated world. A wood cutter axe and pick axe laid on the ground before us as if thrown there by the Joker himself to see which one of us survives. In this case we both need to work together to win rather than fight. I pick up the wood cutter axe and proceed to frantically chop down trees to create wood while my friend mines the iron. The train starts to steam up and move. Our panic now grows exponentially.

Unrailed! requires you to bring the wood and iron back to a cart on the train in order to build more tracks for you. Using the newly built tracks you can extend the tracks for the train to travel and work against time to go as far as you can. If I can be perfectly honest with you this was way too difficult.

We attempted to drop the difficulty setting to the easiest setting available just so we could get the hang of the game. Much to our dismay we couldn’t even handle that. Each time we tried, we failed to last longer than a few minutes. We weren’t new to co-op games either. Having completed the likes of Overcooked together we know what we’re doing.

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Bugs Unrailed This Game

Unrailed! is still a good concept for a game with great artwork. However, I don’t see it succeeding unless it takes a look at the bugs plaguing the game. Having played a total of 8 hours in Unrailed! co-op, I was frustrated to say the least. Unrailed! is promising, don’t get me wrong. I love the look of the game. The art style is fun and colourful. However the feel of the game doesn’t live up to expectations. The game is plagued with a ton of bugs such as consistent crashes every hour. Sometimes it would crash two or three times within the hour.

To sum up, Unrailed! could be a fun game but needs to have a look at the controls and try to make them tighter. Often we found ourselves actually struggling to do or pick up what we wanted. Often buttons hits not even registering. Before we get any new features or game modes, my main request is bug fixes. Without that the game is quite frustrating to play and takes all the fun out of it.

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