Tis the season for new horror, and we are in for a treat! Let’s throw back to 2016, when an indie company called LKA burst onto the scene with the phenomenal psychological horror, The Town of Light. Well today, LKA are back with a BANG! We just got our first proper look at Martha is Dead, the upcoming psychological horror from these very talented developers, in conjunction with Wired Productions. Now, back in October of last year, we did get an announcement teaser for Martha is Dead through Wired Productions. However, this time we get a full look.

So, let’s take a look at the trailer and break down what we’ve seen so far! Disclaimer/content warning comes into play here, this trailer is very much 18+ and I think it’s already safe to say the game will be too.

The Breakdown of Martha is Dead

The trailer opens up with different shots of a forest and lake area, with the first noticeable audio being a fighter jet flying across the sky. Next, we see a woman lying amongst some flowers on the bank. Could this be the titular Martha? It is at this moment that things start to take a very dark turn. A change in camera angle shows us this woman is very much dead. Hi Martha! This is where that little disclaimer from earlier become highly relevant. Shots start swapping between a first person narrative of a woman running through a forest, and some very violent imagery. I’ll just let you watch yourself to see this turning point. All of this is very disturbingly set with a man whistling along while commiting his gruesome act.

Plus, there is also some very creepy but oddly pretty music playing throughout. From the trailer alone, it looks like we’re going to be in for a slightly supernatural, highly psychological and gruesome adventure.


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