This newest instalment of Journey brings over 80 rewards across more than 100 levels for players to unlock. In addition to battling in GWENT’s Standard, Seasonal and Draft modes, weekly quests can be undertaken to provide more opportunities to progress through levels, while new chapters of this latest Journey’s story will also be available each week — centring around two higher vampires: Regis, an old friend and companion of Geralt of Rivia, and Dettlaff van der Eretein, known from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt expansion Blood and Wine.

As with previous seasons, the 7th season of Journey is available in two tiers. The free tier is available to all GWENT players and offers avatars, borders, and reward points to unlock — while Journey’s Premium paid tier offers all that and more, with card backs, coins, music tracks, and titles to unlock, alongside the Regis neutral leader skin as well as alternative outfits and trinkets for Regis to equip during battles. Journey Season 7 begins today and will run for three months.

Also available now in GWENT is Saovine — an annual Halloween-themed event, where this year players must complete special quests given by the three Crones: Whispess, Brewess, and Weavess. Once a player completes all quests from one of the three Crones, they will unlock a title, avatar, and border — and will then be free to accept quests from the remaining Crones.

Players will also receive a special coin for doing the bidding of two of the Crones, and a border trinket for completing every task for all three of them. All brand new 11 Saovine rewards can only be gained during this event by fulfilling the Crones’ demands. During Saovine, several Halloween-inspired ornaments will also be on sale in the GWENT in-game store, including two brand new items: the Saovine gameboard and the Bat Wings trinket for Shupe’s leader skin. Saovine will come to an end on November 4th.

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