One of the fastest growing gaming festivals in the world has announced their dates for the RDS Dublin

Insomnia Gaming has announced the dates of the 9th and 10th of November for their Dublin event Insomnia Gaming Festival. Historically a PC only LAN event based in the UK, Insomnia has developed into an international affair. This will be their biggest event in Dublin, and follows on from their successful foray in Egypt last year. Along with their UK shows, and their Dubai event, this brings to 4 the international festivals this year for Insomnia.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival was started by Craig Fletcher in 1997 as a PC LAN party. Through natural growth and several business partnerships, the event now incorporates all platforms and features numerous events over the weekend. That first event in ’97 was booked for 300 gamers, meanwhile last year 70,000 people attended the UK event.

Emerald Hill Zone

Ireland has seen very positive growth in gaming recently. This year to date we’ve spoken about the European Game Week, Dublin Comic Con, Estars, and Celtic Throwdown. With Insomnia now throwing their name in the hat, we gamers are spoiled for choice. The Insomnia Gaming Festival is promising plenty of action, including, but not limited to:

  • Expo – Get hands-on with some of the biggest upcoming games
  • Esports – Compete in or spectate professional Esports tournaments
  • Special Guests – Meet and greet your favourite YouTube and Twitch stars
  • Stage Shows – Game shows, gaming contests, interactive stage productions, and more!
  • Virtual Reality – Immerse yourself in virtual reality experiences
  • Indie Zone – Have a look at what some of the best games in development from Indie studios
  • Cosplay – See your favourite characters brought to life in our cosplay masquerade and competitions
  • Official Merchandise – Take home official Insomnia merchandise available at every show

Tickets are available now for the Insomnia Gaming Festival, and at an early bird price. So go ahead and clear your calendar for 9th -10th November, and we’ll see you there!

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