Two weeks ago, Splash Blast Panic blew away the iBUYPOWER GameFest with amazing, hand-drawn visuals, fun gameplay, and tons of hours of competitive content. This weekend, they’re taking over PAX West. We’re inviting you to join us and try out the latest Beta build of SBP at their PAX Rising booth (Booth #1801, Pod PR2), which will be out later for both PC and consoles.

In celebration of being at PAX West, the team is debuting a brand new trailer for PAX West 2017 to showcase the state of the game and upcoming beta coming soon!

For those who haven’t heard of Splash Blast Panic here is what it is all about: SBP is both a single and multiplayer experience where fighters dash, fly and shoot opponents with a water pistol in a 2D landscape. Inspired by competitive party games, players have to knock their enemies off the side of the screen with a multitude of aqua-based weapons, like Waterbomb Launchers, Bubble Prisons, water-gun Sentries, and Reflective Shields.

Multiplayer Frenzy! Up to 4 players, with various forms of free-for-all and team-based game modes. Players get control over multiple match options for house rules and tournament style play!

Tons of Arenas! Each level presents challenges to overcome while still trying to get opponents outside the ring. Just don’t fall!

Weapons Galore! With the addition of a wide selection of offensive and defensive items, players can baffle adversaries all the way to the last moment of the match.

Secrets of the Single Player! Players that prefer to play alone can enjoy the Arcade Mode. Playing here can unlock more stages and characters, as well as more hidden secrets.

Stunning Visuals! Colourful hand-drawn graphics bring vivid life to the arcade fighter.

You Beta Believe it! Since the game is in Beta, the game currently has local multiplayer “party” mode and “arcade” mode. Online multiplayer will be fully implemented as well to be a premier esports title before release.

If Splash Blast Panic looks like it’s your jam head over to the official website to learn more.

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