As announced by PC Gamer during its press conference at E3, The Forgotten City, a time travel murder mystery from Modern Storyteller, will invite players on an epic mythological adventure on PC in 2019.

A re-imagining of the award-winning, critically acclaimed mod played by more than 1.6 million gamers, The Forgotten City will retain all the elements that made the original beloved while improving every aspect and adding plenty of surprises for gamers who enjoyed the mod. The Forgotten City will feature a new city brought to life in Unreal Engine, redesigned characters and dialogue, original lore, fresh twists, and endings, added combat and wall-climbing mechanics, an all-new orchestral score, professional voice acting and motion capture animations.

Deep underground in an ancient Roman city, twenty-six trapped explorers lay dead because one of them broke a mysterious law. Within, a portal leads back into the past, allowing one person to change their fate or witness their deaths in a time loop for eternity.

Fortunately, hope remains. The Forgotten City offers incredible freedom, inviting players to manipulate the timeline, Groundhog Day-style, so events play out differently. Talking with diverse characters, making tough choices in moral dilemmas, and thinking laterally can unlock vastly different endings.

Understanding the resident’s motivations and prejudices are key to escaping this purgatory. Social and economic inequality, moral relativism, fascism, extremism, and the psychosocial effects of mass surveillance are among the issues that influence the city fate. Save the people of The Forgotten City by getting to know them and helping them help themselves or sacrifice them to save yourself. It’s all up to you.

“When designing The Forgotten City, I wanted to respect players intelligence and grant them autonomy in solving the mystery, said Nick Pearce, writer, and creative director, Modern Storyteller. Mind-bending time loops fully realized NPCs with interwoven lives, and themes rarely touched by games set The Forgotten City apart from other narrative adventures.”

The Forgotten City will be available in English for $19.99. Localized subtitles and text will be available for additional languages.

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