Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a final trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, starring the charming yet deadly Orc, Bruz the Chopper, who gives viewers a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about Middle-earth: Shadow of War, in preparation for the game’s launch on 10th October. From a recap of the original story and the iconic characters to the expansive open world and all of the new features, Bruz has it covered in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War 101 Trailer. The charismatic Olog-hai also helps fans and newcomers with an introduction to the innovative Nemesis System, which adds an entirely new dimension to the game through the introduction of Orc Followers and Nemesis Fortresses, allowing players to create new personal stories of loyalty, betrayal, and revenge.

Ahead of the release tomorrow this is an interesting way to add coal to the hype train. I will say having Bruz retell the story of Talions tragic past is oddly unimpressive. The reason is simple really the world Tolkien has built is incredibly deep and powerful and sticking in this modern sense of humour doesn’t always hit home. This is especially true when you’re telling a story of revenge, betrayal, and sorrow. So when you stick in an Orc pundit giving you a blow by blow commentary on the events that led to the destruction of a man’s whole life it dampens the impact of the emotional tale of the Bright Lord. The impact of the 101 trailer doesn’t matter ultimately though Middle-earth: Shadow of War has got everyone excited myself included.

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