Hawaii based post-apocalyptic action RPG, Ashes of Oahu, has been given a release date. The artistic indie game has been developed by a core 5 person team, and is now content complete. Ashes of Oahu will be available on Steam for PC on August 29th, or 3 days earlier for pre-orders. If you pre-order, you will also gain access to the closed beta.

Ashes of Oahu takes inspiration from native Hawaiian folk tales and beliefs, but adds some creative flair. You will play through the game as Kai, striving to rescue his abducted son. Kai must summon the strength of his mana, and, aided by his spirit guide, drive an ancient evil form Oahu. There are 4 separate factions to interact with in Ashes of Oahu, with each having its own goals and ideologies. It is also conversationally dense, with over 75,000 lines of dialogue, creating a vast narrative. The island of Oahu is also fully open for exploration, with 25km² of landscape to roam.

As Kai, the world will react to you and time will move forward at your pace. You are free to play in and explore a sandbox interpretation of Oahu, painstakingly recreated to include places that are real locations on the island today. All of which are presented via a 3rd person cinematic camera. Only when you interact with key game-play sequences will time in game advance. Between these moments you are free to explore the island at your own pace.

You can become a chicken…

Yes, that’s right. You can become a chicken, and get up to chicken things. Among Kai’s many magical powers, he has the ability to transform into various animal species. This gives players the opportunity to soar, as a hawk, hunt, as a great white shark, or cluck, like a chicken. Magic.

Ashes of Oahu does look very promising, and is bold in it’s reach. If it lives up to its promise, we could have an indie treasure to capture our waning summer spirits. You can check out the release trailer below, or check out the official games site for more info and developer updates: Ashes of Oahu.

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