My friends, we have been blessed with a demo for the upcoming Party for Introverts game, Cabernet. You may remember me talking about this gem before, when it was announced. Visual novels don’t usually catch my fancy much, I am admittedly ridiculously picky. However, when I first learned about Cabernet, I was enthralled. And now, we finally have our first taste in the form of a demo. This demo launched as part of the Steam Visual Novel Fest.

A Reminder on Cabernet

It has been a little while, so let’s have a little refresher on what Cabernet is! Cabernet is a 2D narrative RPG, set in 19th century Eastern Europe. We play as Liza, a young vampire struggling with the world around her. After being pulled into a supernatural world, a world that puts her own morality into question. This new life is intoxicating, overflowing with possibilities, but can it really be that easy?

With new powers to unlock and a new existence to experience, Liza will have to learn the difference between usefulness and a meal.

Demo Days

Before I jump into talking about the demo, I want to give a quick heads up. Currently, there is very little voice acting in Cabernet. However, full voice acting is planned for the game’s full release in 2024.

Cabernet opens with an introduction to Liza, and her passing from mortal life. Admittedly, she doesn’t seem fully aware of what has happened to her. Her face and nightgown are dirty, and she is locked in a chamber. This soon changes when a disembodied knocker grants her release. Liza is plunged into the High Life, encounters the Countess Orlova, and gets cleaned up. Now the time has come to learn about her vampiric abilities.

Cabernet’s demo introduces us quite nicely to the mechanics of the game, which do feel a tad different. It was a little tricky for me at first, as I’ve not played anything 2D that wasn’t purely point and click in a while. Movement is very smooth so far, even as a bat. Honestly, I want to play as a bat in more games. Flying about is fun. And thankfully on a 2D plane, I can’t be a bad driver/flyer! Although realistically, by the time the full game releases, I’ll have found a way.

As the game progresses and you become further immersed in lore, you’ll unlock more of your vampiric abilities. Eventually, Liza will even be able to hypnotise people, or even become totally invisible!

More Cabernet in the future

By now, you all know how critical I am of demos. It’s hard to create the perfect demo, one that shows enough to leave you wanting more, but not so much to ruin the overall game.

Thankfully, Cabernet gets the formula right. It’s the perfect taste to leave you craving more. The more of this game that I get to experience, the more excited I am. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one. And no, I am not sorry for the bad jokes I slipped into this article.

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