Early access is an exciting time for games! It’s a chance to get community feedback in the early stages and shape things up along the way. A Way to be Dead has taken that route. This 5-player asymmetrical horror is set in the same universe as Crania Games earlier game, Roots of Insanity. The doctor featured in this multiplayer is actually taken from Roots. To sum it up, four people are trying to escape from the doctor, Dr Riley. There are also zombies to run from. Players must loot dead bodies to find body parts that must then be placed on alters to earn keys. Premise sounding familiar?

Here’s the thing. At this point in time, we’re basically just looking at a poor clone of Dead by Daylight. If you check Steam reviews out, that is also the general consensus. Yes, there are differences. But the whole premise is the same. Four people need to work together to escape from a single killer.

A way to flop?

Furthermore, the matchmaking is horrendous. This game has been in my library since it hit early access over a month ago. However, do you think I’ve found a match with actual people? NOPE! The only reason I have been able to play this game at all is because the devs added an AI mode. Yup, matchmaking is so terrible that an AI mode had to be added. A mode that shows low end graphics and poor gameplay.

Look, I understand that this is an early access game. That’s why I won’t be properly reviewing it at this time. I don’t believe that would be fair. Down the line, I will be revisiting A Way to Be Dead. When the game eventually releases in full, I will review it. But as for my first impressions, this is a bit of a nope.

I also need to add in this part because it made me laugh so hard. This game is so poorly named. When I was doing my initial research after being offered the key, when I typed in the title, the results weren’t the game. The first two were, but after that? LOTS OF HELPLINES! Google thought I needed some serious help. If you are searching this game, for your own sake, make sure you add game to the end of the title.

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