Are you a Sci-Fi Fan? Love Spaceships? Or did the thrill of every movie spaceship battle scene fuel you with awe and adrenaline? Then rejoice, for ROCKFISH Games has answered your Prayers, and handed you the keys to your very own weaponised spacecraft in ‘EVERSPACE’.

Now you may have bought into No Man’s sky but were sorely let down by its in-space battle gameplay? Maybe you have always longed to fill that inter-galactic void after classic shows such as Star Wars or Star Trek? Now is your time to rise up, stick on your space goggles and prepare for the most exciting new space fighting game yet.

High Hopes

What is Everspace you say?

Developed by ROCKFISH games, EVERSPACE is making quite the fuss online. Scoring a 9/10 Steam review has set the bar high.

It is a single player 3D Rogue space shooter. Your mission: travel the deep sectors of space engaging enemy spacecraft in absolutely stunning HD Interstellar environments.

With dynamic acrobatic maneuvers, breathtaking battles and Mindblowing action, This game is sure to please.

I cannot help but feel if this title had been called “Star Wars Battlefront: Rouge Space Wars” then everyone would be screaming from the rooftops, Resulting in the most anticipated space fighting game since 2D games like ‘The Raiden Project’ for PS1 back in 95′. Let us give credit where credit is due, Look at the trailers and gameplay footage yourself, It looks awesome!

Sounds good but is there a story to EVERSPACE?

When it comes to the storyline you will be happy to know there is one! You start off as a member of what seems to be a space station research facility. We see a fierce argument unfolding and find yourself drugged and poisoned, Yet you manage to escape this group and before the poison takes full effect you cryo-freeze yourself.

The story does develop as you progress through the game and it is one of the dialogues which starts with you trying to remember how it all happened and slowly you start getting your memory back and unfolding the story.

There are a few long gameplay trailers providing an in-depth look at the overall game which all seem to sing it many praises. To fully understand it though we will just have to wait to play the game and hope it compares to the hard work these guys are putting in on every other front of the game.

PC and Console.

Everspace is out now on steam but not due on PS4 and XBOX ONE until the 25th of May. ROCKFISH has released quite a bit of game preview and information all on their brilliant webpage that console gamers can familiarise themselves with and be ready for the release.

We are very excited about this game so please stay tuned for an upcoming review, here at GamEir.





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